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Blog posts

  1. Building a Secure AWS Network: Protecting Instances with Private Subnets
    • This post will cover various methods for enhancing security for AWS instances through the strategic use of public and private subnets. We'll explore the foundational concepts of Virtual Private Clouds (VPCs) and demonstrate how you can harness the capabilities of a VPC in conjunction with various network nodes to shield your systems from external threats. Later chapters will cover various scenarios, pinpointing potential challenges and their solutions in certain configurations.
  2. Kamiq - a Typescript, lightweight, Nest-like, batteries-included web framework
    • Kamiq is a TypeScript framework for building server-side applications with heavy decorator usage. It combines object-oriented and functional programming approaches to achieve it's minimal syntax design. Kamiq is built on top of Express.js and by design offers high interoperability with Express, enabling the user to easily port over their existing Express.js code including routes, middlewares and more.