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About me

Hi! My name is Valentin Kuharić and I'm a software engineer from Croatia. I primarily work with web technologies, currently focusing on exploring backend architectures and frameworks in TypeScript and PHP.

Professional work

Most of my professional work includes developing and maintaining web-based solutions for various clients. I have worked on e-commerce platforms, blockchain trading solutions implementing Smart Contracts, the medical industry and more. I've worked on software running primarily on the Node runtime, including backend and frontend codebases. My latest work included managing and developing a backend, frontend and 2 react native codebases. I have also worked on deployment, designing and implementing the deployment architecture on AWS.

When working on software I pay equal attention to the general goals, deliverables and estimates of the project as I do to the code itself. During my work I keep close relationship with clients, ensuring everybody has the same idea of the current state of the project and the goals we're all aiming for. I never consider code as a standalone entity, but rather as a resource that enables the team to achieve different goals.

My latest work includes exploring backend framework designs on the Node runtime. Currently I'm working on Kamiq, a lightweight, Typescript batteries-included framework for Node.js for building declarative server-side applications with high Express.js interoperability that compiles my findings and ideas into an open-source project. Kamiq is still in development and is intended as a learning project and a tool for exploring software design, not as a production-ready web framework. Lately I also spent time delving deeper into system design guides and blog posts, learning about the birds-eye approaches and thinking when it comes to computer system.

Software tools I use

Some of the software tools I use/used in my career:

I'm interested in


I've been tinkering with electronics since I was in my elementary school years. High school curriculum gave me the theoretical knowledge I needed to really get my imagination going, and in 2017 in colaboration with Jakov Petrović we presented our remote-controlled model vehicle with a simplified Rocker-bogie suspension system at FER.

Today I continue to work with electronics on small hobby projects, like power-banks or small portable radios.


In my free time I love exploring the intricacies of the modern global world. Currently reading Prisoners of geography - ten maps that tell you everything you need to know about global politics by Tim Marshall.

Software I use regularly



Daily driver

My workhorse is a Macbook Air M1 2020 I use everyday for work and personal stuff. A lightweight, Unix-based powerful laptop with a great battery encapsuled in a robust hardware package.


For Windows-based work or for occasional gaming, I still use my old but trustworthy PC I have been constantly upgrading since 2009. It has been through a lot, but has never let me down in all these years.

  • Intel i7 920 OC @ 4.0GHz
  • nVidia GeForce 1070
  • 16GB DDR3 RAM
  • 700W Power Supply
  • GigaByte motherboard